The President/Hony.Secretary
 All the affiliated State Judo Associations 

 Sub.  : Open Selection Trials for selecting Indian Judo teams for the 11th Asian Cadet & 18th Asian Junior Judo Championships–2017 & Campers for the forthcoming Junior  National Coaching Camps.


Judo Federation of India is holding an Open Selection Trials for Junior & Cadet Boys and Girls from 7th to 10th June 2017 at Sports Authority of India, Aurangabad, Maharashtra; to select the Indian Judo Teams for the 11th Asian Cadet and 18th Asian Junior Judo Championships -2017, and Campers for the forthcoming Junior National Coaching Camps.

The 11th Cadet and 18th Asian Junior Judo Championships -2017, will be held from 12th to 17th July 2017 in Kryghstan; and the National Coaching camp will be held from 12th June to 11th July 2017 in Aurangabad.  The following important points may please be noted for the trials:

1.  Schedule of the selection trials is as under :

7th June 2017 : Till 4.00 pm Accreditation of Cadet Boys & Girls, followed by Weigh-in
8th June 2017 : From 9.00am Trials of Cadet Boys & Girls
8th June 2017: Till 4.00 pm : Accreditation of Junior Men & Women, followed by weigh-in
9th June 2017 : From 9.00am  Trials for Cadet Boys & Girls   & Junior Men & Women
10th June 2017 :  From 9.00 am Trials for Junior Men & Women

2.  Weight Categories and Age Limits are as under:

A. For CADETS: Age Limit : Boys and  Girls must  be 15 years old or above  and  under 18 Years
                                                 (must be born between 2000 and 2002).

Weight Categories : Boys : -50Kg, -55Kg, -60Kg, -66Kg, -73Kg, -81Kg, -90Kg & +90Kg.
                      Girls  : -40Kg, -44Kg, -48Kg, -52Kg, -57Kg, -63kg, -70kg & +70kg. 
B. For JUNIORS:   Age Limit : Men and Women must be 15 years old or above and under
     21 Years (must be born between 1997 and 2002).
 Weight Categories  :Men: -55Kg, -60kg, -66Kg, -73Kg, -81kg, -90kg, -100kg & +100kg.  
            Women: -44Kg, -48Kg, -52Kg, -57Kg, -63Kg, -70Kg, -78Kg & +78Kg. 

  3. Contest Time :

Cadet and Junior :  Four (4) minutes
The “Golden Score” with no time limit, till Referees’s Decision., is cancelled

4.  All such Players who are below 18 years of age; the secondary entry of the championships must  be countersigned by their parents/guardian.

5. Without a valid Passport, players will not be allowed to participate in the trials, and the passport  must have the validity till  February 2018.
6. A player can participate in One Weight Category only. However, more than one player can  participate in each weight category from one State, as there is no limit for participation of  players in each categorys.

7. The athletes of age group of years 15, 16, and 17 can enter only in one category either in Cadet  or Junior, (it means that they are not allowed to enter at the same time in categories of both  cadet and Junior).

8. Participation is allowed only through affiliated State Judo Associations.

9. The Players should come prepared to join the Coaching Camp at SAI Aurangabad from 12th June 2017, if he/she is selected. NO leave will be granted during the coaching camp. In case of not reporting as above, the Judoka will be replaced by the second one without any information/notice.   
10. The participants will participate at his/her own risk. Judo Federation of India is not responsible for any kind of injury/accidents during the trials.

11. All the expenses (i.e.Boarding,Loading,Traveling etc.) are to be borne by the Individuals/State Association, to participate in the selection trials.

12. All the participants MUST BRING HIS/HER AGE VERIFIED CERTIFICATE, from an authorized  Doctor/Panel as per the Government norm.

13. All the participants should carry the original Birth Cerficcate , Aadhar Card and passport and  should be produced them during the Accreditation.

13. The decision of the selection committee will be treated as final.
15. Anti Dope Test will be carried soon after the trials.

16. The Judo player, those who will select in the Indian Judo teams, it is necessary to obtain :
 New IJF Registration card (Cost of IJF cards is Euro- 60, which is valid for tow years
Two pair of IJF APPROVED judo Dress (1 white & 1 Blue )
IJF Back numbers for Two Judo Dresses

Please clearly explain the above conditions to your player/s before sending him/her/them to participate in the selection trials.



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