Consumption of Prohibited Drugs & Age Fraud Cases


The Presidents & Secretaries,    
State  Associations & Departmental Units


Sub: Consumption of Prohibited Drugs  & Age Fraud Cases.    


I have been noticing and also studying past one year, that there has been rampant consumption of Steroids and Drugs by our judokas in the Nationals & Selection Trials.

This consumption of prohibited drugs are ruining not only the judokas, but also damaging  the image of our sport.

The judokas are adopting to shortcut methods to get medals in the Nationals and also get selected in the Trials for International events.

These judokas do not understand, the damage and harm,  it will effect their body as they age,  which will be alarming.

I fail to understand how their respective Coaches resort to such practices and encourage their players to consume  the drugs  for short term gains.

NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) have been attending the Nationals & Trials and collecting urine samples of the winners and many of our players have been tested positive.

This is total injustice to the players who loose to such players.

Age Fraud :

Is another method, many over aged players resort  to getting fraud age certificates and play with younger aged players and win medals.

We have to stop this practice and ensure fair play.

Fortunately, Sports Authority of India (SAI) have  introduced the Age Verification System, which we are following in the Nationals &Trials.

Though not a foolproof system, it still installs fear on the Player and the Coach.


Responsibility of the State/Departments:

The President & Secretary must ensure that, the players who represent their State must be free of  the  above frauds.

At the State level, an undertaking should be taken from all the players who are selected to participate in the JFI events.


As your aware the punishment for  both the frauds by the concerned authorities are as follows:

NADA (National Anti Doping Agency) for Drugs  : Suspension for four years from JFI events.

SAI (Sports Authority of India) for Age Frauds : Suspension for four years from JFI events.

Hence, a strict vigilance has to be executed by forming a disciplinary committee and identifying the Player and the Coach.



UNDERTAKING TO BE TAKEN (To be signed by the respective President/Secretary with seal of the Association:

a.)               On Nationals & Selection Trials Forms:

‘’I, hereby, certify that, the players are free from Drugs & also true to their Age declared on this entry form .

They can be verified/tested for the Drug  & Age Verification , and if found positive, action can be taken against such erring players

and their respective Coaches as per norms.’’

 For the sake of our sport and the Players, let us take these measures and ensure justice and fair play and ensure a bright future for our sport.    

JFI  will  be arranging Anti Doping awareness classes / Seminars for players and coaches during the forthcoming Nationals, and all are requested to attend these Classes/Seminars which will be taken by the Officials of National Antidoping Agency. 

Looking forward for your support and cooperation.

Warm Regards.

Man Mohan Jaiswal
General Secretary

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