Open Selection Trials for selecting Delhi State Judo Teams for National Sub Junior and Cadet Judo championships -2019-20 - Imphal, Manipur

Kind Attn.: All Judo Players, Resident of Delhi State


Dear All,


As you are aware, the National Sub Junior and Cadet Judo Championships-2019-20 is scheduled to be held from 14th to 19th October 2019 at Imphal, Manipur.


To select the Delhi State Judo Teams for participating in the above National events; JFI is conducting  Open selection Trials on 9th, and 10th October 2019 2019; at Baba Gangnath Sports  Academy, Munirka Villege, New Delhi.   Details of the trials are as under : 


1.     Date of the trials  : 9th and 10th October 2019 


2     Venue of the trials : Baba Gangnath Sports Academy, Munirka Villege, New Delhi - 110068


3.    The trials will be following Schedule ( which may change according to the number of participants ):



9th October 2019


( Sub-Junior )




8:30.a.m. to 10:30

Accreditation for Sub-Junior Boys and Girls for all categories

10:30 to 11:30

Official Weigh-in for Sub-Junior Boys and Girls for all categories

11:30 ~

Bouts of Sub-Junior Boys and Girls

9th October 2019

( Cadet ) Wednesday

16:00 ~ 18:00

Accreditation for Cadet Boys and Girls for all categories


10th October 2019

( Cadet )


9:00 ~ 10:00

Official Weigh-in for Cadet Boys and Girls for all categories


10:00  ~


Bouts of  Cadet Boys & Girls




 A.    Weight Category For Sub Juniors :

Age Group

Born Year

Weight Category for Boys

Weight Category for Girls

Boys and Girls

Above 12 Years and below 15 Years (+12 years to 15 years).


3 minutes bout.

 2005,2006 and 2007.

Above 25Kg upto and including 30kg (+25kg-30kg)

Above 23kg upto and including 28kg (+23kg-28Kg)

Above 30Kg upto and including 35kg (+30kg-35kg)

Above 28kg upto and including 32kg (+28Kg-32Kg)

Above 35Kg upto and including 40kg (+35kg-40kg)

Above 32kg upto and including 36kg (+32kg-36Kg)

Above 40kg upto and including 45kg (+40kg-45Kg)

Above 36kg upto and including 40kg (+36kg-40kg)

Above 45kg upto and including 50kg (+45kg-50Kg)

Above 40kg upto and including 44kg (+40kg-44Kg)

Above 50kg upto and including 55kg (+50-55Kg)

Above 44kg upto and including 48kg (+44kg-48kg)

Above 55kg upto and including 60kg (+55kg-60Kg)

Above 48kg upto and including 52kg (+48kg-52Kg)

Above 60kg upto and including 66kg (+60kg-66Kg)

Above 52kg upto and including 57kg (+52kg-57kg)

Above 66Kg

Above 57kg



        B.  Weight Category For Cadets are :


Age Group

Born  Year

Weight Category for Boys

Weight Category for Girls

Boys and Girls

Above 15 Years and below 18 Years

(15,16 and 17 years)



4 minutes bout.

2002, 2003 and 2004.

Up to and including 50kg


Up to and including 40kg


Over 50kg upto and including 55kg (-55kg)

Over 40kg up to and including 44kg (-44kg)

Over 55 kg up to and including 60kg (-60kg)

Over 44kg up to and including 48kg (-48kg)

Over 60kg up to and including 66kg(-66kg)

Over 48kg up to and including 52kg (-52kg)

Over 66kg up to and including 73kg (-73kg)

Over 52kg up to and including 57kg (-57kg)

Over 73kg up to and including 81kg (-81kg)

Over 57kg up to and including 63kg (-63kg)

Over 81kg up to and including 90kg (-90kg)

Over 63kg up to and including 70kg (-70kg)

Over 90Kg ( +90Kg )

Over 70Kg ( +70Kg )




a.       Sub Juniors : Boys and Girls Above 12 Years and below 15 Years (must be born  between 2005, 2006 and 2007)


b.       Cadets           : Boys and Girls above 15 years and under 18 years (must be born  between 2002, 2003 and 2004 )


5.       Documents for Age Proof :The following Three Original  documents  must be brought  by the participants as proof of age.  All the  mentioned documents are mandatory, without which the player will not be allowed to participate, which please note. note. 


a]  Original Birth Certificate issued by the local Municipal Corporation/ Panchayat Board or  equivalent government authority/ chief medical officer who is a competent authority.


b].      Original Certificate issued by the Principal/Headmaster of the School, mentioning Date of  Birth, Father’s Name and Class, where the boy/girl is studying, on official letter head of       the School, with Photograph of the student, Affiliation Number issued by State  Board/CBSE/Education Deptt. with place of issue, duly attested. The proper address,   telephone nos., fax number of the School  must be mentioned, in the letter head.


c.]      Original Aadhar Card issued by the Govt. Of India.

      Note : Xerox copy/passport copies will not be accepted. Original documents are to be shown at the time of Accreditation


6.    Feminity control: A medical certificate in English/hindi issued by qualified    Gynaecologist of the player state attesting the Sex and Non- pregnancy of the women player is required to  submitted on demand.  


7 .    Entry Fee :  Entry fees of Rs. 300/- ( Rupees - Three hundred only ) per participant will be charged by JFI for incidental expenses.

8.     All the participants must compulsorily  produce their AADHAR CARD, to prove their proof of residence and Photo id.


If Aadhar card is of a different state, then the player must also produce a proof that, he/she is staying in Delhi as a Student (letter from the school/College/educational institution).


9. Rest all the rules and regulations will follow as per the JFI Circular No.JFI/46/2019/214, Dated 27/08/2019 ( copy attached ).


You all are requested to coordinate with JFI officials for conducting the trials  and also inform and direct Judokas of Delhi State about the said selection trials.

With Best Regards,


( Man Mohan Jaiswal )
General Secretary

Sub Junior & Cadet -2019

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