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Senior National Judo Championships
Age Group ( Men )  : Above 17 Yrs.
Age Group ( Women ) : Above 17 Yrs.
Upto and including 60Kg
Upto and including 48Kg
Over 60 Kg upto and including 66Kg
Over 48Kg upto and including 52Kg
Over 66 Kg upto and including 73Kg
Over 52Kg upto and including 57Kg
Over 73 Kg upto and including 81Kg
Over 57 Kg upto and including 63Kg
Over 81 Kg upto and including 90Kg
Over 63 Kg upto and including 70Kg
Over 90 Kg upto and including 100Kg
Over 70 Kg upto and including 78Kg
Above 100Kg
Above 78Kg
a]         Players must be above 17
b]         All competitors must participate be from their State/Dept.Unit from where they       have                 obtained their Registration to JFI. Only Registered player and officials will be eligible to
c]         A player who is under 20 years and is a medallist of previous Junior National will  be eligible to participate if he/she wins selection trail conducted by the State and State send his/her entry. However the player is below 18 years, will participate at his/her own risk and responsibility, and a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from parents/guardian will be required before he/she is accredited for Championships.
a]         Each State/Dept. Units may enter only one player in each of the above weight                   categories. 
b]         Each State/ Dept. Unit is permitted to appoint one Manager and Two Coaches only ( One Men & One Women Coach ). The players and officials will be collectively referred to as the team. The maximum permissible strength of each team shall be of 17 members.
c]         Free local hospitality ( free of charge) will not be provided to the extra members
accompanying the team.
d]         Team manager will be responsible for the proper conduct and affairs of the team    &  will
be contacted for all official/unofficial matters.
The Championships will be played on the basis of the JFI Contest Rules and
Regulations and the Sporting Code and any amendments made there to, by the JFI from time to time.

The matches will be conducted on Knock out cum Double repechage with no cross play.
DURATION:           MEN           :5 minutes                     WOMEN : 5 minutes
a]         Weigh -in of the players will normally be on the morning of the day of their             event. However,
the organisers reserve the right to hold the weigh-in at any other time after giving advance notice thereof to all the Managers.
b]         Contestant in categories must fall strictly with in the lower & upper limits of that weight category.
c]         Contestants are advised to come adequately prepared with proper gymnastic under
clothing for the weigh- in.
d]         First Judogi control will be done at the time of weigh -in. All players are required to
present two Judogies for the first Judogi Control.
e]         Each competitor will be allowed upon the scale only once during official weigh-in.
A medical certificate in English/Hindi issued by a             qualified Gynecologist of the players State/Deptt. attesting the Sex & Non        pregnancy of the women players is required to be submitted by the Manager during accreditation. 
a]         Qualified National Referee will be appointed by the JFI to perform functions like                
scorekeeping, timekeeping refereeing & other technical functions.
            b]         All Technical Officials must be in uniform as per the stipulations of the JFI            Sporting Code
(White Shirt, Gray Trousers, Black Shoes & Socks and Officials Tie)
c]         All Technical Officials are required to attend Technical Meetings
a]         Winner in each category will awarded a Gold plated Medal and Merit Certificate.
b]         Runner-up in each weight category will be awarded a Silver plated Medal & Merit
c]         The Third place winner (2 third places) will be awarded a Bronze plated Medal &    Merit                             Certificate.
d]         No Protests shall be entertained. The decision of the Tournament Director,                                               Referee, Judges will be final.

Organisors will provide free lodging & boarding to the teams   ( max. 17 person per team

Transport will be provided free of cost to all the participants from Railway Station to the place of accommodation and from place of accommodation to venue and back.
            All the participants are requested to bring their own bedding.
a]         In case any player is disqualified by an reason, his/her expenses will not be borne             by the organisors.
b]         In case of any damage caused by any team member, the cost will have to            be paid by the manager before the team departs.
c]         Any player and/or official and/or team who by word, action or deed disrupts and or/interrupts the smooth and normal conduct of the Championships on or off the mat, will be liable for immediate            disqualification.

Each State Association/Dept. Unit must assure all responsibility of accident and health insurance as well as the civil liabilities for their competitors      and officials during their stay in Mumbai. The JFI & Organisors do not accept any responsibility in this regard. It is requested to make necessary insurance coverage for your team.
ANTI -DOPING : Doping test will be carried out in accordance with the rules.
a]         Each team member will be required to fill in a form on the teams arrival alongwith 2 photographs. 
b]         It is mandatory for all Managers to submit the necessary documents of all the team                                  members during accreditation.
            Competitors & Officials of each State/Dept. as well as the Technical Officials are required to take part in the Flag hosting and March Past during the Opening ceremony. They should be dressed properly ( tracksuit or Judogis only)

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