Open Selection Trials - SENIORS - SAI Bhopal


March 18, 2014                                                                    JFI/12/2013-14/
All the Affiliated State Judo Associations &
Departmental Units.

Sub. :  Open Selection Trials ( SENIORS ) at SAI, BHOPAL; for selecting Indian Judo Team for the Commonwealth Games 2014, forthcoming events and National Coaching Camps.


 Federation of India is holding an Open Selection Trials for Seniors ( Men & Women )  on 18th and 19th April 2014 ( Friday & Saturday ), for selecting Indian Judo Team for the Commonwealth Games 2014, forthcoming events and National Coaching Camps.

The following important points may please be noted for the trials:

1. The Accreditation and Weigh-in will be held on 18th April 2014 ( Friday ) from 4.p.m. to 6.p.m.. The Official Weigh-in will be conducted from 6.30.p.m. to 7.30.p.m. on 18th April 2014 at Judo Hall, SAI, Bhopal.

2. The Selection Trials will start from 10.a.m. onwards on 19th April 2014 ( Saturday ), at Judo Hall, SAI, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

3. Weight Category ( 7 + 7 ) : 

Men:  Below 60Kg, -66Kg, -73Kg, -81 Kg, -90Kg, -100Kg &  above 100Kg.

 Women: Below 48Kg, -52Kg, -57Kg, -63Kg, -70Kg, -78 Kg & above 78 Kg.

4. Age limit ( Born on or prior to 31st December 1999 ): As specified by the IJF, athletes must be a minimum of 15 years of Age on or before 31st December 2014 to compete in the Judo competition at the Commonwealth Games.

5. Eligibility: Athletes must hold a valid IJF Identification ( ID ) Card number to compete in the Judo Competition at the Games. Those who are selected not a valid IJF Identification Card Number, need to submit the details to JFI as soon as his/her selection to obtain the IJF Identification Card number.

In order to compete at the Games the IJF stipulated athletes must hold a minimum grade of 1st Kyu ( brown belt ). In addition to this all the athletes have atleast four (4 ) pairs of IJF approved Judo Dress, i.e 2 pairs of White and 2 pairs of Blue dress. 

6. Without a valid passport players will not be allowed to participate in the trials, and the Passport must be valid till 31st December 2014

7. A player can participate in One Weight Category, only. However more than one player can participate in each weight category from one State/Unit, as there is no limit for participation of players in each category.

8. Participation is allowed only through affiliated State Associations / Departmental Units

9. The Judo players who are working in Para-military Forces/Services Sports Control Board/Departments must participate from their respective Department only. They will not be allowed to participate from any State/UT. Those who are working in State Police Forces can participate from their respective States. However, the Judo Players of Para-military Forces can also participate through All India Police Sports Control Board ( AIPSCB ).

10. The players should come prepared to join the Coaching Camp at SAI, Patiala ( Men ) and SAI Bhopal ( Women ), from 20th April 2014, if he/she selected. No leave will be granted during the Coaching Camp. In case of not reporting as above, the Judoka will be replaced by the second one without any information/notice.

11. A fee of Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five hundred only) per player is payable for participation in the selection trials as Entry Fee.

12. The participants will participate at his/her own risk. Federation is not responsible for any kind of injury/accidents during the trails.

13. All the expenses (i.e. Boarding, Lodging, Traveling etc.) are to be borne by the individual/State Association/Departmental Units, to participate in the selection trials.

14. The decision of the Selection Committee will be treated as final.
15. Anti Dope Test will be carried soon after the trails.

Please clearly explain the above conditions to your player/s before sending him/her/them to participate in the trials.

Yours faithfully,
(Man Mohan Jaiswal)
General Secretary



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