REVISED Schedule for Weigh-in - SENIOR TRIALS

August 24, 2015  

All the Affiliated State Judo Associations &
Departmental Units.

Sub. :  Open Selection Trials ( SENIORS ) on 8th September 2015, at SAI Center, Bhopal; for selecting Indian Judo Team for the Judo Grand Prix – 2015, Uzbekistan, forthcoming International events  and National Coaching Camps.


In continuation to my letter dated 19th August 2015, regarding the above subject , I would like to inform you that there a changes in the Weigh-in day and time. As per the IJF Rules, the revised date and time for the Official weigh-in for Senior Open Selection Trials is as under: 


 7th September 2015

 Un-official Weigh-in:       From 5.30. p.m. to 6.00.p.m

 Official Weigh-in : From 6.00.p.m. to 6.30.p.m


8th September 2015 : 

Bouts will start from : onwards

Please note the above changes and direct all the Judo Players those who are attending the Open Selection Trials for SENIORS on 8th Sept. 2015.

With best regards,

( Man Mohan Jaiswal )
 General Secretary

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