IJF FIT - Are You Judo Fit? Find the right challenge for you



The President / Secretary,

All Affiliated State Judo Associations & Departmental Units.


Dear All,

I hope you and your family, and Judo players of your State / Department are in good health and doing well.

I would like to inform you that International Judo Federation has introduced a new program with a new portal  https://fit.ijf.org  with the aim of FIT of the Judo Community in all over the world, during this unprecedented time due to Covid 19.

I kindly ask you to promote this healthy initiative by the International Judo Federation within your Affiliated Districts, clubs, reaching out to all Judo players urging them to take part. There will also be a Ranking List mentioning which country is taking the lead.

You are therefore requested to ask your Judo Players to visit the IJF Portal  https://fit.ijf.org  and follow the directions.

Wishing you all stay safe and doing well with the spirit of Judo.


With best regards,

Partap Singh Bajwa, 

President, Judo Federation of India

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