Judokas Bags 8 medals from Asian Cadet 2022

A 20 Judokas from India participated in the Asian Cadet Judo Championships 2022 held on 18th 19th July 2022 at Bangkok, and shown excellent performance by winning Gold medal by Ms. Linthoi Chanambam, Silver medal by Ms. Jaanvi Yadav and 6 Bronze medals by Ms. Ankita, Ms. Shraddha, Ms. Isroop and boys Mr. Lucky and Mr. Prakhar.

LINTHOI Chanambam

-57Kg - Girls

Gold Medal

Jaanvi YADAV

-44Kg - Girls

Silver Medal

Ankitaben NAGHERA

-40Kg - Girls

Bronze Medal

Shraddha CHOPADE

-48Kg - Girls

Bronze Medal

Ishroop NARANG

+70Kg – Girls

Bronze Medal

Anurag SAGAR

-50Kg - Boys

Bronze Medal


-55Kg - Boys

Bronze Medal

Prakhar Kumar SINGH

-90Kg - Boys

Bronze Medal


Hon'ble Administrator conveys his Heartiest Congratulations to all for winning laurels and for bringing glory to the Country as also to the Coaches.

Judo Federation of India

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