JFI Selection Criteria for 19th Asian Games and Other International Events 2023-24

  • 1] As per the decision of the JFI Advisory Committee meeting held on 12th January 2022, Judo Federation of India ( JFI ), and the representations received from the various International athletes, the following will be selection criteria for selecting probable for the 19th Asian Games 2022 ( to be held in 2023 ) and other forthcoming International events:

    a] Top Four ( all medallists ) place holders of the Senior National Judo Championships 2022-23

    b] Top Four ( all medallists ) place holders of the 36th National Games 2022 Gujarat

    c] First and Second place holders of the Junior National Judo Championships 2022-23

    d] First and Second place holders of the Cadet Selection Trials held in Dec. 2022

    e] Medal winners of the Asian Cadet & Junior Judo Championships 2022-23.

    f] Medal winners of Commonwealth Games – 2022.

    g] Athletes who are in position under 200 of the IJF World Ranking List as on 17/01/23

    h] TOP four place holders of the selection trials conducted by SAI for selecting probable for Asian Games 2022 held from 23rd to 26th April 2022 at Delhi.

    2] The final selection of the Indian Judo Team for the 19th Asian Games and for other International events will be held from 5th to 8th April 2023 at K.D. Jadhav Indoor Stadium, I.G. Stadium Complex, New Delhi.

    3] The probable Must have a valid Passport minimum till 31st December 2023

    4] Must pass the Medical & Fitness Test before the final trials.

    5] The decision of the Selection Committee will be treated as final, including the weight categories recommended for the 19th Asian Games 2022 and other International events scheduled to be held in 2023-24.

    Judo Federation of India

    Dated : 23rd January 2023

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