BB & NDIO Camp and Exam. MUMBAI - 2010


 November 21, 2010                                                                                         JFI/45/2010/

The President/Secretary,
Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa,

Sub. : National Coaching Camp,  Black Belt (BB) & National Diploma in Officiating (NDIO) Gradation  Examinations; from 28th December 2010 to 2nd January 2011 at Mumbai.


I am happy to inform you that JFI is conducting the National Coaching Camp, National Black Belt Gradation Examination ( for SHO-DAN, and NI-DAN ) and National Diploma in Officiating ( NDIO ) Examination, from 28th December 2010 to 2nd January 2011 at LRS VISSANJI ACADEMY, Dr. Radharakrishna Road, Near Chinai College & Andheri Railway Station ( East ), Andheri – East, Mumbai, Maharashtra.

The schedule of the Coaching Camp and Examination is as under:-

 28/12/2010 - Arrival, Accreditation
 29/12/2010 - National Coaching Camp
 30/12/2010 - National Coaching Camp
 31/12/2010 - National Coaching Camp
 1/1/2011 - Examinations
 2/1/2011 - Examinations & Departure
The following documents are enclosed for your information and necessary action:-

1. Syllabus for Black-Belt & NDIO Examinations.
2. Entry Forms for National Coaching Camp and Examinations.


All participants who are attending the National Coaching Camp and Examinations must be registered on 28th December 2010.

National Coaching Camp: 

JFI is conducting a detailed session in Coaching of Judo, for those who wanted to be a Judo Coach. This Camp will be taken by the Judo Experts of JFI, and the minimum qualification is Brown Belt ( 1st Kyu ). After completing the course and clearing SHO-DAN Examination successfully, JFI will award a Diploma, by giving authorization to teach JUDO till Club and District level.


In addition to the above, the Coaching will cover the syllabus for the Black-Belt and NDIO Examinations, which is compulsory for those appearing for BB & NDIO Examinations.

Besides the revised contest rules, latest contest techniques and tactics will be taught at the Coaching Camp. Even those Judokas (above 15 years) who do not wish to appear for the Exam., but wish to learn new rules and techniques are allowed to join the Coaching Camp.

Minimum Requirements:

a] Those appearing for Black Belt Grading, the qualifying age is minimum 15 years.

b] The existing 1st Kyu Grade should have been awarded by a qualified Black - Belt holder of JFI and certified by the State Association’s Secretary/President. An existing Black Belt grade should be one recognized by JFI. The grade awarded by any other institution; are not recognized.

c] A photocopy of the certificate of the present grade must be attached with the application form/original certificate of the present grade will have to be produced for verification during accreditation ( on 28th December 2010 ).

d] Those appearing for SHO-DAN Black-Belt must attach the following documents along with application form:-

1]  Past contest record (neatly typed): Competitions held before 28/12/2010, will only be considered for this purpose. The competitions are divided into three categories for this purpose. i.e. (a) International Championships. (b) National Championships. (c) Other Championships (like University, State, District Level etc.)

2]  Photocopies of certificates earned in any of the above Championships. Original Certificates will have to be produced, if required.

3]   Those do not posses certificate categorised above should submit teaching experience in Judo, contributions made towards sport of Judo (a brief note).

4]    Present grade certificate (photocopy) as stated above.
f] Those appearing for NI-DAN and Instructor grade Black-Belt must attach the following documents along with application:-

 1]    Detailed note on their teaching experience.
 2]    The outstanding performance of the players trained by  him/her.
3]   Present Grade certificate (photocopy) as stated above.
g] NDIO is a post Black Belt Diploma. The minimum qualifications for NDIO are:

  1] Age minimum 22 years for Men & minimum 20 years for Women.

2] Must be 2nd DAN ( Ni-Dan ) from JFI. Those who are appearing for NI-Dan can also appear for NDIO Exam., however the NDIO examination result will be declare only after passing the Ni-Dan examination. If, he/she fails in the Ni-Dan Exam., he/she will also not be qualified in the NDIO Examination.

 3] Must have played at National Championships/Federation Cups / All India Police
Games /  National Games.

 Based on their overall performance, successful candidates will be declared “B” Grade Referee.

Registration, Coaching Camp & Examination Fee:

1.  Registration Fee (JFI):
National Coaching Camp,
Black-Belt and NDIO Examinees   - Rs.200/-( Rupees Two hundred )

2.  National Coaching Camp Fee

 For Examinees & Diploma participants  - Rs.2,000/- ( Rupees Two thousand )

3.  Examination Fee

Examination Fee for
SHO-DAN./ NI-DAN/ NDIO    - Rs.1,500/- ( Rupees fifteen hundred )

Boarding & Lodging: Arrangements have been made for 200 Judokas and the allotment will be made on first come first serve basis. The rates for boarding & lodging (Break-fast, Lunch, Dinner & accommodation) per person is Rs.250/- (Two hundred Fifty only) per day including bedding. FIVE ( 5 ) days Boarding & Lodging charges are to be paid by the individual.

You are requested to inform the name of the participants those who are attending the above National Coaching Camp, and Examinations to the Secretary, Mumbai Judo Association, at the below address, with a copy to JFI Office, before 15th December 2010, for the smooth conduct of the event.

Mumbai Judo Association:  
Mr. Manohar Bangera   
Mumbai Judo Association,   
1/19 Blossom Society, Marol,
 Andheri – East, MUMBAI    
Mobile No.  0 9920515051   

Mr. Yatish Bangera: 09869070098     
Email :

Yours faithfully,
(Mukesh Kumar)
General Secretary



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