Sub-Junior National Judo Championships 2013-14

June 28, 2013                 JFI/46/2013/                 

The President / Secretary,
All Affiliated State Judo Associations.

Sub. : Sub – Junior National Judo Championships 2013-14, Manipur


I am happy to inform you that the Sub-Junior National Judo Championships-2013-14 ( Boys & Girls ) will be held from 6th to 10th August 2013 at Indoor Stadium, Khuman Lampak Sports Complex, Imphal, Manipur.

Please confirm participation of your State Team to the Organising Secretary at the following address, with a copy to Mr. Arun Dwivedi, Sports Director, and JFI:

                   Shri . Indra Kumar,  
   Hony. Secretary,     
   Manipur Judo Association,    
   Khuman Lampak Sports Complex,   
   Imphal, Manipur    
   Tel. No.: 0 9612153853 / 0 9089945478    
   Arun Dwivedi: Email:
   JFI Email:

Prior confirmation is necessary to reserve the lodging for your team. A copy of Rules and regulations of the Sub-Junior National Judo Championships 2013-14 is enclosed. You are also requested to send the Final Entries with full details ( i.e. D.O.B., Father’s Name, Individual Address etc. ) before 25th July 2013.

You are once again requested to send the Final Entry by Name before 10 days prior to the event , as approved in the last General Body Meeting, at Guwahati, failing which an amount of Rs.500/- will be charged, per team as penalty.

Yours faithfully,


(Mukesh Kumar)
General Secretary

Rules and Regulations

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