Petition filed against the Delhi Judo Council and decision of RO

In continuation of the petition filed by Shri Kamal Kant Sharma and others on 16 Jan, 2018 against the Delhi Judo Council, another petition has been filed before me today on behalf of the same persons by Shri Virender Vashisht.

In order to make an informed decision an enquiry calling both sides would be necessary.  But this is not possible at present as the matter is sub judice.  The case is before the Hon. HC since 2015.  The petitioners allege that the present president was only nominated and not duly elected, at a meeting in 2001.  Besides, he is beyond 70 years in age, the age-limit fixed by MYAS.  Hence being a non-elected president he cannot exercise the same rights as the other state council presidents.

Regarding the second name mentioned as the authorised representative by the Delhi Judo Council, it is alleged that he is also a non-elected working General Secy and hence cannot enjoy the rights of a duly elected one.

I have gone through the relevant records.  The records available in JFI show that the elections to the Delhi Judo Council has not been held for many many years.  The matter is sub judice since 2015 and the Hon. HC has directed that elections should be held only with court permission. The status of the Delhi Judo Council and its office-bearers is awaiting a decision from the Hon. HC. 

This being the case it is hereby directed that the votes cast by the members of the Electoral College representing the Delhi Judo Council shall be kept under sealed cover. In case it is required to open the same, it shall be done after obtaining necessary orders from the Hon. HC. 

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Returning Officer,

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