Guidelines for the participation of Indian Judo Players in the International Events at Own Cost

Dated: 23/07/2022



                All Affiliated Member Judo Associations, UTs &
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Sub.: Guidelines for participation of Indian Judokas in the International Events at their Own Cost 


Dear sirs,

I am directed by the Hon'ble Mr. Justice Pankaj Naqvi ( Retd.), Administrator, JFI, to inform you that JFI is getting individual requests from Judokas for participating in the International Judo events at their own cost.

After going through the rules and regulations of the events as well as the selection criteria for identifying players / coaches for the International participation, the JFI has determined to lay down following mandatory conditions which all the judokas who want to participate in future international events at their own cost are directed to follow:


1] The participation of the Judokas, who are in the Top- 8 of the latest National Ranking / Selection trials, in the International events must be recommended by the Selection Committee and the JFI Advisory Committee.

2] The Judoka must have to apply for his/her participation in the identified events at least six weeks prior to the events.

3] The Judoka must furnish an NOC from a Qualified Coach stating that he will be taking all the responsibility of his/her conduct and the said Coach may also be liable for equal punishment for the misconduct of his/her player.

4] Since JFI is the authority to send the entries, hotel reservation, travel schedule etc., the judokas must deposit the required amount in the JFI account on approval of their participation at their own cost.

5] The judoka shall have to follow all the rules and regulations according to the International Judo Federation/Organisers regarding their participation.   

6] The judoka must submit an undertaking on an affidavit that he/she will be the responsible for any kind of his/her misconduct and accept the disciplinary action which may extend to suspension from the Judo events for lifetime.

7] The participation will be subject to the NOC from the concerned Organisation/Department of the player/coach and also of the parents in case the judoka is minor.

8] The participation will also be subject to the approval of SAI/MYAS, Govt of India. 

9] An amount of Rs.50,000/- ( Rupees Fifty thousand only ) shall be deposited in the JFI account which shall be non refundable and will be used for bearing the penalties in case the player does not participate in the requested International event. 

10] JFI will not be  responsible for their Visa, however correspondence regarding visa support will be done by the JFI on completion of the required documents.

11] The application of the judoka along with the documents must be submitted through their respective State Judo Association / Departmental Units.

The above conditions are mandatory and in case of non fulfilment of any of the above conditions the JFI shall cancel the request of the judoka concerned.

This is for your kind information.

With regards,


( Rajan C.S )
Asstt. Secretary, JFI

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