Inviting Bid for Junior and Senior Nationals 2021-22

The President / Secretary,
All affiliated Judo Associations of
Judo Federation of India

Sub.: Most Urgent – Hosting of JUNIOR National Judo Championships 2021-22 & SENIOR National Judo Championships 2021-22 till 30th April 2022


I would like to inform you that in the Annual General Body Meeting held on 6th July 2019 at Delhi, the Junior National Judo Championships 2020-21 & Senior National Judo Championships 2020-21 were allotted to Kerala Judo Association and Judo Association of Uttarakhand respectively. As all know, due to the Covid pandemic there were no activities during the said financial year and did not hold JFI AGM also. Therefore, I requested Kerala Judo Association and Judo Association of Uttarakhand to hold the events for this financial year 2021-22, as I got the consent from the SAI that if JFI will submit the proposal within a week, SAI can give permission to hold these events till 30th April 2022. However both the Associations of Kerala and Uttarakhand informed their inability to host the events till 30th April 2022.

In view of the above, it is requested that please come forward those who are interested to host the above events before 30th April 2022 and send your proposal ( with proposed dates, venue ) before 11a.m. on 21st March 2022, to enable JFI to submit the proposal to SAI.

JFI will  release advance grant for holding the above events for the smooth conduct of the Championships. .

Once again requested to send your bid for the Junior National Judo Championships 2021-22 & Senior National Judo Championships 2021-22 by 21st March 2022 before noon.

Awaiting your reply,

Yours faithfully,

( Man Mohan Jaiswal )
General Secretary

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