Disciplinary Action on Judokas and Coaches



1.   Mr. Arun Kumar, Judo Player

      S/O Shri Ashok Kumar

      VPO Lowa Kalan, Jhajjar,  Haryana.


2.   Mr. Jatin, Judo Player

      S/O Shri Joginder

      1109, VPO Nahari, Sonipat, Haryana.


3.    Mr. Praveen Thakur

       Manager Cum Coach accompanied with 

       Indian Judo Team for the Junior World Judo Championships- 2021


4.    Ms. Ritu

       Coach accompanied- Indian Judo Team - Junior World Champ- 2021


5,    Ms. O Rashesori Chanu 

       Coach accompanied - Indian Judo Team , Junior World Champ - 2021


Copy to :  The President/Hony.Secretary

                 All Affiliated State Judo Associations/UTs  & 

                 Departmental Units


Dear all,


As all of you are well aware that the International Judo Federation has complained to JFI for misconduct made by Mr. Jatin and Mr. Arun Kumar during the Junior World Judo Championships held in October 2021 in Olbia, Italy.


Since no explanation have been received to JFI from both the Judokas, and the coaches  who have accompanied the Indian Judo Team for the event had also not intimated to JFI about the incident , JFI has decided that disciplinary action should be taken against all of you, and hereby being informed all of  you that :


1.   All of you have been suspended from all sports/judo activities for a period of TWO (2) Years w.e.f. 6th October 2021.


2.  All  the competitive participation/results/marks obtained by you w.e.f.06/10/2021 in any International/National/State/District Level Judo Events will be treated as null and void. 


3.  Therefore, all of you  are requested to return all medals and certificates achieved by you from Judo events after 6th October 2021  and surrender them at  the JFI Office  by  22nd April 2022 positively 



Man Mohan Jaiswal

General Secretary
Judo Federation of India

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