NOC for JFI Election

It has come to the notice of the Returning Officer ( RO ) that the following persons who have filed Nomination as Candidates or who are Proposer or Seconder for other candidates are public servants or are holding positions in Center / State Government./ PSU. According to Govt. of India requirement, such persons are required to file NOC before the RO:

               1]            Shri. Banee Brata Das – E.C. No. 02

               2]            Shri. Soibam Ranbir Singh – E.C. No.34

               3]            Shri. Mahipal Grewal – E.C. No.50

               4]            Shri. Vikas Gupta – E.C. No.24

               5]            Shri. Satish Krishnarao Pahade- E.C. No. 40

You are hereby requested to get the NOC filed before the RO by 3rd Feb. 2018, 12 Noon., failing which the Nomination of the aforementioned or the Nomination of Candidates where the aforementioned are proposer or seconder, is liable to be rejected.

Nivedita Haran,

Returning Officer,

Judo Federation of India,

New Delhi

+91 8943440525

+91 9868579747

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