Selection for KHELO INDIA JUDO ACADEMY at SAI Bhopal from 27th July 2018

The President/Secretary,State Associations/Union Territories.

Sub:  KHELO INDIA JUDO ACADEMY promoted by Sports Authority of India.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am happy to inform you, that, SAI has  launched a progressive scheme under the name of KHELO INDIA JUDO ACADEMY .   Many such KIJA s will be set up in different parts of the country by SAI, in the near future. This is a positive programme for development of Judo in the country , and is a long term programme targeting the 2024 & 2028 Olympics.  The selected Judo players will be inducted in the academy and have the benefit of high level training, super diet, accommodation, kittings, medical &free education.

Selection Trials would be conducted to induct players into the Academy on the 27th ,28th & 29th July 2018 at the SAI CRC , Bhopal , M.P.

All the entries must be mailed to JFI office by 23 July 2018, no entries Will be accepted at the venue, and there is no restrictions for number of entries per weight.

Details of the Programme , Age &Weight Groups, Documents required  are given below:

The Age Group will be  Above 15 years & Below 18 years (15 years,16 years, 17 years)(Born in the year 2003,2002,2001) for Boys & Girls.

The Weight Groups will be as follows:

BOYS :  -50 kg, -55 kg, -60 kg, -66 kg, -73 kg, -81 kg, , -90 kg   & +90 kg.
GIRLS : - 40 Kg, -44kg, -48 kg, -52 kg, - 57 kg, -63 kg, -70 kg & +70 kg.

Programme as follows:

DATE : 27 July 2018
TIME : 10.00 am- 5.00 pm.
EVENT : Reporting of Girls.  Accreditation & Document Verification .
5-6.00pm – Weigh-in & Draws.

DATE : 28 July 2018
9.00 am onwards
Trials for Girls begins.
10.00 am- 5.00 pm.

Reporting of Boys.  Accreditation & Document Verification .
Weigh-in & Draws.
6.00pm onwards.
Departure of the Girls.

DATE : 29 July 2018
9.00 am onwards
Trials for Boys begins.

The following documents are to be produced  in Originals by participants. All the said documents are mandatory , without which the player will not be allowed to participate, which please note.

a)      Original  Birth Certificate issued by the local Municipal Corporation/Panchayat Board or equivalent Government authority/ Chief Medical Officer who is a competent authority .

Note: The Original Birth Certificate issued must be dated within one year from the day of birth. E.g if born in 2004, the OBC must have been registered in 2004 or within 12 months from the day of birth.

b)      Original Certificate issued by the Principal/Head Master/Administrator of the School/College, where the player studies, mentioning the Date of Birth, Name of the Father , Class, with a photograph of the player stamped on the Official Letterhead of the educational institution.

c)       Age Verification Test Certificate to be produced.

The Age Verification Test procedure is mentioned below for your knowledge and understanding, without this AVT certificate a participant will not be allowed to participate.

For the information of all the States, in future please conduct the AVT in your city, and ensure it is conducted at least two months before the National Sub Juniors, Cadets & Junior Championships.

The  details are given below :

The Age Verification is called a digital X –Ray TW3 Test.

The following procedures be done diligently :

1.       Digital X-Ray of Left Hand (Palm and Wrist/Lower end of forearm) should be in DICOM format with minimum 300 dpi.

2.       Name of the player,  Aadhar Card no., Date of Birth should be mentioned on the X-ray.

3.       Soft copy of X-ray should be in DICOM format only, so that , report can be sent through  e- mail.

4.       Height & Weight has to be mentioned  in the form.

5.       Date of Birth certificate and Aadhar card /any other ID proof should be attached.

While conducting the Test the following precautions are to be taken:

1.       An observer (of the State Association or a responsible person) must be present while conducting the Test to avoid any Fraud.

2.       Age Verification Test should be mandatory for the registered JFI/State players.

          The test must be conducted at least two months before the State Championship/Selection Trials.

3.       The Test must be conducted at any recognized Hospital where all the above standard facilities are available.

The Test should be conducted, starting from the Sub-Junior Age Group, as X-ray TW3 TEST allows accurate estimation of a player .

The Age verification data along with player details will be stored using a software for future references.

Accommodation & Food:

As there is limitation of accommodation in the SAI complex, alternative arrangements have been done .

Accommodation  will be provided to players , outside the SAI complex at a Banquet Hall for Rs.150/per day / per person. ( it is walkable distance from the complex)

For Boys : 200 Beds

for Girls : 200 Beds will be made available.

Food will be available at Rs.70 / per meal, subject to advance information to the caterer of the complex.

Payments for Accommodation & Food will be at players cost.

Approximately, 50 Probable would be selected from the trials and a 15 days camp would be conducted, to study  and evaluate their skill, knowledge  and fitness  standard.

30 Probable who have been shortlisted by SAI in the Khelo India School Games , need not appear for the Trials as they are pre-selected for the camp. However, they will have to report on the 23 July for the camp to Bhopal  to join the Academy.

After shortlisting the 50 Probable in the KIJA , SAI will also conduct the AVT at SAI expense to  verify the authencity of the test .

The participants who fail the test , will be penalized and all their past performances/achievements  will be treated as null and void and awards scrapped.  JFI and SAI will take strict action against these offenders who have been playing with wrong age. Penalization would be barring the said players from contesting in Nationals and State championships conducted under the JFI & SAI banner for 3years.  All their previous certificates will be revoked/cancelled.


Random Anti Doping test will be conducted by National Anti Doping Agency (NADA) who will be present at the venue. All the probables will undergo this test. NADA may also pick players for random test other than the probable.

Looking forward for a good participation.

Kind Regards

Man Mohan Jaiswal

Gen. Secretary

Judo Federation of India


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